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The LGS Commitment

Leverage Group Strategies is committed to changing the face of the Financial Services Industry by providing innovative, life saving and life changing information. Leverage Group Strategies is committed to providing all people with solid Financial Education.

When people have the right information, they can make smart decisions about their finances and put themselves on track to a bright and sound financial future. It is our Mission to change lives one person, one family at a time. 




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LGS Strategies

Return on investment

Return on Investment (ROI) is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or compare the efficiency of a number of different investments.

social security

LGS sponsors many Social Security workshops that can answer the most commonly asked questions.

How do the new Social Security laws affect my retirement strategy?
When is the best time to collect my Social Security benefits?
What happens if my spouse is still working?
How do I avoid the 85% tax if I earn over $16,000 while retired?
What if I still want to work part-time?
What if I am divorced or widowed?
How can I maximize my Social Security benefits?
How can I reduce taxes on Social Security?

Tax Reduction

There can be many strategies that can help in the reduction of tax. Although LGS does not give tax or legal advice, we do have strategies that can help impact your taxable exposure.

life insurance

Everyone needs affordable life insurance. The question for most consumers is: Where can I find affordable life insurance? The answer is right here at LGS, an independent nationwide life insurance brokerage. As an independent broker we can help consumers shop and compare all the major carriers.

tax advantage

One of the most unique strategies in the financial services industry is maximizing tax advantage vehicles that are available for you. Set up an appointment today and ask about this amazing strategy.


An annuity is a financial product typically used by investors to save tax-deferred for retirement or to generate regular income payments, helping to replace a paycheck during retirement.

Annuities are insurance contracts whose payments are guaranteed by the company issuing the contract.

There are 2 major categories: variable annuities and income annuities.



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